The XDI Gas Sensor is capable of utilising a wide range of sensor cell types offering an unmatched number of configurations allowing for a simple stand alone 4~20mA transmitter or a CAN bus address system enabling networking of up to 64 process sensors with a local diagnostics port which allows interrogation using a PC, network sensors may also rovide individual independent 4~20mA outputs. A sensor network when connected to a GDS Combi alarm panel may be addressed and checked for alarm conditions and general sensor status providing a wide range of options for controls and indications. Features – Explosion proof – Rugged and reliable – Flexible output options – Wide range of gas types / sensors – 3 stage alarms – Non intrusive adjustment magnets or potentiometers – Back lit alpha numeric display – Addressable or stand alone – Hyper terminal communications / RS232 – live data and set up with 232 adapter – Plug and play – One man calibration – Optional 2 alarm relays plus fault relay for local control functions – Full data logging with combi alarm panel