Type II Safety Dispensing Cans


Protectoseal’s Type II Safety Dispensing Cans feature the same rugged design and heavy duty construction as Type I Safety Cans and are used for convenient dispensing of flammable liquids into vessels, cans or tanks which have a small receiving opening. Type II cans are commonly identified by their separate fill and dispensing openings. They feature a flexible metal dispensing hose that eliminates the need for a funnel and provides a bonding path to prevent static sparks. Type II cans have perforated-metal flash arresters at the fill opening and base of pouring spout for complete protection from fire. They’re offered in both round or space-saving oval shapes in ZIACOTE construction with spring-loaded filler caps, featuring treated leather gaskets. Most models are available in ” Flammable Red”, “Kerosene Blue” or “Diesel Yellow” for a variety of liquid dispensing applications.