TX3700 EX D Connectors

TX3700, TX3701, TX3710 and TX3711 Ex d Connectors are extremely robust, high quality and multi-pin, and are suitable for heavy duty hazardous area applications The units come in a choice of machined aluminium, brass or stainless steel housings, and are available in two body shell sizes. Our connectors have unchallenged superiority based upon a unique method of rugged construction and design simplicity. They are simple to assemble – all the main components are interchangeable making it easy to specify a choice of connector formats – and have simple conductor termination. Make-off takes place in a fraction of the normal time TX3700, TX3701, TX3710 and TX3711 are very simple to couple together – push the two halves together and tighten two large fasteners – it’s as simple as that! Release the same fasterners for rapid disconnection