SAFER Terminal


As the industry’s benchmark solution for emergency management of a chemical release, SAFER Terminal™ empowers you to respond with confidence even under the most challenging conditions. It is simple to use and provides all of the data you need to make the highly informed and defendable decisions that must be made within the first minutes of detection. SAFER Terminal™ is the platform on which the entire SAFER® Systems solution is based. Additional functional model add-ons can be enabled for expanded functionality. Should an event occur, SAFER Terminal™ provides rapid updates and visualizations based on actual weather and gas sensor data. SAFER’s Terminal™ analysis tools let you see concentrations at any point, dosage and/or building infiltration. When the event is over, the simulation is saved and is replay-able for post-event analysis or legal defense. Equally important is the value of Terminal™ as an outstanding solution for drills, employee awareness, what-if analysis, and validation of emergency response plans. Terminal™ is customized according to plant site and designed to address each plant’s specific issues.