SAFER Remote Responder


SAFER Remote Responder™ offers the best way to be prepared for a chemical emergency in any remote location. SAFER Remote Responder™ is the platform on which the entire SAFER® Systems solution is based. Additional functional model add-ons can be enabled for expanded functionality. SAFER® Systems understands the challenges faced when responding to a release of hazardous airborne material in remote locations during transportation either by pipeline or other means. Immediately upon learning of an emission you need to know what material has been released, how that material reacts upon release, and how weather conditions will impact the release. All of these factors will play a part in the plan you enact to protect your response team, as well as the community. SAFER’s Remote Responder™ is a 24-hour a day mobile response solution that enhances the tactical decision-making abilities of chemical emergency response teams. Rather than the traditional methods of providing a “best guess”, Remote Responder™ is always ready to help you make the right decisions before, during and after an incident. The Responder series makes dispersion modeling of a transportation or pipeline release easier and provides a real-world view of what is or might happen, using available realtime meteorological and gas sensor data.