Hip Hugger® Back Support


All bodies are not the same! The HipHugger® features a patented, easily adjustable Velcro® loop designed to accomodate variances between hip and waist measurements. One simple adjustment and the support fits your body perfectly, locked on both hips and waist and able to stay in place throughout a busy workday. – Patented adjustable sizing feature accomodates waist to hip variance. – High rise cut. – Two-way stretch power knit primary belt. – Woven elastic cinch/shoulder straps. – Positive anchoring system achieved through two-way- stretch binding and rubberized interior stay pockets. – Long life “golden grip” closure. – Spring steel boning stays. – Front shoulder strap placement adjustable with Velcro®. – Adjustable shoulder strap guide. – Machine washable. – Sizes XS- XXL. – Stock colors Black or White.