FCamEX™ is our revolutionary fire detecting camera built into an ATEX certified housing, and is therefore suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

The same innovative early warning technology is used in the FCamEX as in the FCamX™, including the cutting-edge infrared camera that cuts down detection time and virtually wipes out false alarms.


An innovative new safety solution for oil and gas facilities.

The revolutionary new technology makes FCamEX™ the perfect solution for fire detection, prevention and protection for the oil and gas industry.

In the oil and gas industry, fires are catastrophic – dangerous to people, environmentally damaging and economically disastrous – meaning that a high-quality, accurate and fast fire detection system is crucial.

FCamEx’s combination of the technology used in the FCamX™ with a ATEX certified housing means that the industry finally has access to the perfect future-proofed fire safety solution.


Distance – 4mm Lens 80m

Distance – 6mm Lens 180m

Flame Detection Outdoors & Indoors

Smoke Detection Indoors

Detection Time < 15 Seconds



Rating IP68 Working

Humidity < 95%

High & Low Temp -60°C to +85° C (-76°F to +185°F)


Viewing Angle – 4mm Lens

Horizontal 65°

Verticle 36°


Viewing Angle – 6mm Lens

Horizontal 46°

Verticle 25°



ONVIF Profile S

Main Video Stream 1920p x 1080p @ 25fps

Sub Video Stream (IR) 320p x 240p @ 30fps

Bandwidth Max 4 Mbps

VOE H.246 1080p


Video Encoder H.264

Image Sensor 1/3” Low Lux

Digital Noise Reduction 3D DNR

Video Stream Protocol RTSP

Pixel Size 3.75mm

Dynamic Range 83.5dB

SNR Max 44dB


EX Mark : EX

Gas: II 2G Ex d IIB Gb

Dust: II 2D Ex t IIIC Db IP68



Material Stainless Steel

Mounting Fixed Bracket



Length 211mm

Diameter 113mm

Weight 5.1 Kg



Input Voltage 12V DC

Input Current 1A (Max)

Power Capacity 4W (typ) 12W (max)


Analytics External

Analytics Capable Yes