E6500 Data Acquisition Unit

With analysis and statistic function of E6500 Data Acquisition Unit, energy efficiency analysis, quality management, batch management and event record etc. are available. It consists of 3 setpoint program control modules, 4 PID control modules, 6 ON/OFF control modules and 60 function modules. It offers various complex control strategies and complete data calculation and statistics. With RS-232C/RS-485 serials communication or the Ethernet interface, real-time monitor, remote diagnosis, settings management and history transfer can be fully utilized.


Event & Statistics Logs
Up to 512 pieces of custom events, such as valve-open, special alarm and so on, can be logged to analyze. It can be triggered by digital signals.
Up to 32 batches custom statistic messages, such as the maximum, the minimum, the average, alarm frequency, alarm duration of analog signals can be logged for analysis. It can be logged manually or triggered by digital signals.

Mathematical Functions
Up to 60 mathematical functions are offered to develop custom solutions. These functions, such as arithmetic, Boolean, mathematical calculation, relational operation, complicated logical function, statistic function, timer operation, etc., can be applied with control modules to realize very complicated control.

Powerful Controlling Modules
4 PID modules, 3 setpoint program modules and 6 ON/OFF modules are provided.

With mathematical expression, PID modules can be configured as complex control strategies such as cascade, ratio, split ranging, feed forward, averaging control, 3-element control for process industries. Some control modes such as step, logic, batch, and timing for automation control of equipments are provided, too.
The setpoint program modules can vary the setpoint in a controlled manner over a set period of time. The output of the program is divided into a flexible number of segments – each being a unit of time, and can be the setpoint value of PID module.

The ON/OFF modules are always used for a single object with a large time constant and a small dead time, such as temperature control for constant temperature box and heat-up furnace, water level control for tank, pressure control for air compressor and so on.

Mass Flow Compensation
For obtaining a more precise fluid flow measurement, the E6500 provides 5 preset selections, SHS (superheated stream), STS (saturated steam), GAS (ideal gas), LPC (linear pressure compensation), and LTC (linear temperature compensation).

Removable Media
Up to 32GB USB flash disk is accepted to transfer the history data, the settings, the logging data and the monitoring displays from E6500 to PC.

2 serial communications are offered including RS-232C and RS-485 using the Modbus protocol. Additionally, Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol and GPRS with RS-232C is also provided.

12 Analog Inputs
4 Analog Outputs
2 Digital Inputs
12 Digital Outputs
2 Pulse Inputs
4 PWM Outputs
3 Setpoint Program Modules
4 PID Control Modules
6 ON/OFF Control Modules
8 Timers
60 Functions
0.125s Sampling Period
128MB Inbuilt Memory
Event & Statistics Logs
Flag Logs
Message Logs
RLZ Temperature Formula
Mass Flow Compensation
4-Level User Authority
Settings Backup
Stop Recording Manually/ Automatically
RS-232C/RS-485 Interface
Ethernet Interface
Usb Flash  Disk