DoseRAE Pro

This compact, direct-reading Electronic Personal Dosimeter (EPD) accurately detects and measures radiation exposure for workers and responders in potentially hazardous environments. The DoseRAE Pro uses two detectors – one to detect high doses of radiation, and another for fast response to low-level radiation – to give your people the data they need for fast incident response. The fast response and does rate range maximizes safety of your team. Audible, visual, and vibrating alarms make sure the wearer notices the signal and a simple two-button interface delivers intuitive programming. A stay-time countdown timer with warning alarm enables users to set a time limit in a radiation area. The unit can collect up to 3,000 data points in its data log, and download the information wirelessly to an optional dosimeter reader using Near Field Communication. This enables close tracking of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual dose accumulation.