Disposal Tool For Portable Cylinders

Scientific and Technical Gases is committed to the protection of the environment and readily promotes the recycling of materials when at all possible. Disposal Tool As part of our demonstration to that commitment, StG has introduced a Disposal Tool to safely and quickly dispose of non-refillable cylinders once they have been used. The tool is designed to work with all sizes of portable cylinders. The tool can be slipped over the cylinder and then by turning the screw, can safely puncture the cylinder. The tool works on portable cylinders of all sizes and from all manufacturers. Care must be taken to ensure that the cylinder has been fully vented before attempting to puncture it with the disposal tool. We strongly recommend that safety glasses and other Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is worn when carrying out the disposal. Once punctured, the cylinder can then be disposed of as prime scrap material. The scrap material can be taken for disposal at the nearest aluminium or steel recycle bin or recycle centre